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Psychotherapy Services 

Statement Against Accepting Insurance

Traditional Therapy (Individuals and Couples)

Good old-fashioned therapy, minus the musty sofa.

$250 per 50-minute session

Therapist incorporates an eclectic mix of the most effective talk therapies, including psychodynamics, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), emotion-focused therapy (EFT), and reality-based therapy (RBT). Eye-movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) is offered if clinically indicated. Therapy can be conducted through a Christian worldview, an agnostic worldview, or using no faith at all. If substance use disorder (addiction) is indicated, Twelve Step framework will be utilized. 

Structured, Short-Term Therapy

For those who don't want to be in therapy indefinitely.

$2,000 per 8-week unit

Therapy includes one 50-minute counseling and psychoeducation session weekly for eight weeks on specific topics. Topics currently include codependency, substance abuse recovery, and communication / conflict resolution. These 8-week units are efficient and effective, as each week has a sub-topic with accompanying action steps and homework assignments between sessions. By the end of the 8 weeks, clients will have all of the tools they need to navigate situations when these issues arise. This structure is best for those who are motivated, goal-oriented, and don’t want to stay in therapy indefinitely. Payment can be divided into two equal payments--one prior to the first appointment and one before the fifth appointment. 

On-Call Concierge

When a week between sessions is just too long.

$2,000 monthly

Clients receive daily access to therapist via phone calls up to 3minutes. Both therapy and coaching are available in this package. This option is great for clients who are trying to get sober, going through a break-up, new in town, or experiencing other major life transitions.

Executive Concierge

Bringing therapy to the workplace.

$250 per 50-minute session for 4-hour minimum

Counseling services are conducted in the workplace environment, either in a conference room, vacant private room, or client’s own office. Therapist comes to a company's office for either a half-day of four sessions or a full-day of eight sessions. Half-day hours can be 8am-12pm; 12pm-4pm; or 10am-2pm. Full-day hours are 8am-4pm. The initial contract with the therapist will be for two months, then month-to-month thereafter. Therapy services are paid for by company. Learn more here.

Co-Parenting Counseling

Learning to Navigate Parenting After Divorce

$250 per 50-minute session

Former spouses work together to develop and execute a plan to raise well-adjusted and resilient children through separation or divorce. Clients will dismantle their spousal relationship and develop a health co-parenting relationship. New routines and healthy communication are established, and clients learn how to emotionally support their children and each other. 

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